One Last Time

I worked along side Dan Kelaart from Clique Films on this music video to create a country rock music video. Thanks to the awesome guys at the Oak Tree Tavern for being super chill and allowing us to do whatever we wanted in the space. Also thanks to all the family and friends that came to be extras and make the space look like a bar in full swing.


We wanted to have a warm key light with a teal colour in the background. In the narrative section we used the teal as  a key light to change the look. To create a strong warm light we used two CTO filters in a softbox. Also to add some depth to the scene some fairy lights were hung up outside. All up I think we used about 12 lights and what would a music video be without a heap of haze.


The video was shot on the A7III with Samyang/Rokinon lenses giving a more cinematic look to the footage. This was a fun shoot and I was super happy with how the performance all came together.